Max Kalinowicz
Associate Producer

Born and raised in Montreal, Max has always had a fascination with the visual arts.

Working on photography and video since high school led him to graduate from Concordia University with a BFA in Film Production.

Max spends a lot of his free time working on professional photography for a multitude of events and projects, that led him to an interest in journalism.

In 2013, he started at Global Montreal as an intern cameraman/editor, and has worked here ever since. His stint as a videojournalist came to an end in 2016 when he moved on to become the Associate Producer.

When not at work, Max still enjoys photography and video, with a multitude of side projects.

He is a huge music fan, having learnt a few instruments starting as early as three years old.

He enjoys cooking, video games and all things technology. He has a huge interest in space, biology and physics, hoping to one day take trip through the cosmos.

While waiting for inter-planetary travel, Max intends to one day visit every continent and dreams of producing his own travel/food show. Exploring diverse cultures and landscapes is on the top of the list.


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