Brittany Henriques

Brittany Henriques is a passionate television reporter and digital journalist at Global News Montreal.

Born and raised in the city, she attended Concordia University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in human rights.

Before starting at Global, she worked as a radio host for 94.7 Hits FM radio station and as a columnist for MAtv’s My Curious City.

During the course of her studies, she also had the opportunity to work as the assistant life editor at The Concordian and give a conference to journalism students on her accomplishments and internship experience at Global.

A deep thinker and lover of art in its strangest forms, Brittany spends her time drinking large amounts of coffee, admiring dogs and hugging trees.

Deeply inspired by Humans of New York, her dream is to one day become a travel-visual journalist, giving a voice to those who are silenced.

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