Montreal teacher becomes viral TikTok star, hopes to promote diversity in Quebec media

Click to play video 'Montreal teacher’s rise to fame on TikTok catches students’ attention' Montreal teacher’s rise to fame on TikTok catches students’ attention
Douaa Kachache is an English teacher in a French high school on Montreal’s south shore. But over the last few months, she's become a viral TikTok star which has caught the attention of her students. Global’s Brittany Henriques reports. – Jan 20, 2021

An English teacher from Longueuil, on Montreal’s South Shore, is a viral TikTok star. With over 54,000 followers on the popular video app, Douaa Kachache makes videos poking fun at her Moroccan parents and Quebecois culture.

What started as a hobby during the first wave of the pandemic has blossomed into something greater.

“At that age, that’s what I would I have liked to see and so I decided to do just that — offer teenagers something they could relate to,” said Kachache.

She said she saw an opportunity and seized it.

“I think the videos do just that. It opens the eyes of the viewers who didn’t know that they could be just like someone from another country (or culture).”

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“TV sometimes there’s closed circles they don’t open those sort of doors from our community or different ethnicities,” she said. “There’s so much going on with our household and our traditions so why not share it with the world? And you’ll even notice that at the same time even though we’re from different cultures we still have the same mom.”

Kachache hopes through her “silly” videos, boys and girls that look like her can feel more seen in mainstream Quebec media.

“Even Caucasian people, they say, ‘It’s not only you guys! We do that, too!’ It’s not about ethnicity, I make it, I laugh bout stereotypes, definitely, but I wanna show you that we’re all human.”

Kachache said her videos have allowed her to develop a strong bond with her students. Even making it easier for them to learn and for her to teach.


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“My opinion is if they’re not comfortable in your classroom they’re not going to take a risk to speak a different language that isn’t theirs,” said Kachache.

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Her method seems to be working quite well.

“She’s my favourite teacher,” said student Julia Bouthillier, along with five other students.

Kachache has been a source of laughter and happiness for her students during the trials and tribulations of the pandemic — which has often forced them into online learning.

“When I see her TikToks I just miss being in class,” said student Ziabel Alexandre.

“I’m really happy to have her as my teacher cause she brings joy,” said another student, Mailye Rousseau.


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Kachache’s mother Badia Azza, who she imitates in her viral videos, wasn’t laughing at first. But it didn’t take long for her to warm up to her daughter’s jokes.

She even made her own TikTok account to “like” her daughter’s TikToks.

“If people think I’m funny, she’s a thousand times funnier,” said Kachache.

“I see myself in some of her videos,” Azza said laughing. “I’m proud of the woman I raised.”

The famous TikToker said she has a few surprises up her sleeve for her followers and she hopes her growing popularity will help find a niche in Quebecois popular culture.