Brayden Haines


Brayden Jagger Haines is in his final year of audio-visual journalism with a minor in law and society at Concordia University in Montreal.

He is striving to be a future reporter in the bustling, fast paced world of television news and sees himself reporting on politics, law, sports and current affairs.

He is lighthearted and considers himself quite the witty joker with a deep-seated drive on reporting the stories that people need to hear.

Brayden jumps at any chance to quote a famous movie line or pop culture reference.

Keeping up to date on current events is not a chore for Brayden, it is an addiction.

He always wants to be in the loop and never hesitates to try new, exciting and thrill-seeking experiences.

Brayden started his internship with Global News Montreal in January.

His first televised story was McGill University courts international graduate students affected by U.S. travel ban.

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