Kristi Gordon


Kristi Gordon is the Senior Meteorologist on Global BC’s News Hour, Early News and Noon News Hour. She was born and raised in White Rock and Crescent Beach and earned a double science major in Meteorology and Physical Geography at the University of British Columbia.

After eight years in university (way too long), Kristi spent the next several years working across Canada as a both an Operational Meteorologist and On-air Meteorologist. She started initially in Vancouver but lived in both Toronto and Edmonton for a while. During that time she worked for almost every other network in the country: The Weather Network, CTV, A-Channel and Citytv. Kristi now brings that experience home and is honoured to be part of the top-rated newscast in the country.

Kristi and her husband, Paul, have two sons, a four-year-old “troublemaker” (she means, lovely boy) named Jordan, and a newborn named Braden. You can find the whole family out enjoying the weather (rain or shine) biking, walking, skiing or swimming. If you see them, say hi!

You can watch Kristi on TV every weekday on Global BC’s News Hour at 6 p.m., Early News at 5 p.m. and Noon News Hour. She is also on BC1 throughout the afternoon, and on the radio from 3-6 p.m. on CKNW News Talk 980 and AM 730.

Kristi is currently on maternity leave.

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