Riley Martin

Online Producer

Riley Martin grew up in rural Manitoba and moved to the big city of Winnipeg as soon as he turned 18.  After a number of small-town mistakes, including saying hello to everyone he passed on the street, he got used to city life and fell in love with Winnipeg.

He attended Red River College’s creative communications program where he learned the ins and outs of the news industry. The fast-paced environment immediately appealed to Riley and after a three-week internship with Global News he was hired as a part-time camera operator in the summer of 2014. A writer for as long as he can remember, the switch to writing and producing seemed a natural next step and he started with a brief stint with the Morning News. Riley moved to online producer in November 2014.

To keep himself busy, Riley tries to get outdoors as much as possible, whether it’s hiking, camping, or canoeing, and he dabbles in writing fantasy fiction.

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