Defence accuse Amsel’s ex-wife of being the real Winnipeg letter bomber

Guido Amsel seen at the Public Safety Building in 2015. Manitoba Court

Guido Amsel‘s ex-wife took the stand Tuesday morning as a key witness called by Crown attorneys against the accused letter bomber. In an unexpected twist, the defense painted a different picture that suggested she was the one behind the 2015 bombings.

Iris Amsel and Guido were caught in a bitter divorce with hundreds of thousands of dollars, a home and businesses at stake. The day started with Crown attorneys painting a picture of Guido as an overbearing ex-husband who withheld money from ex.

But it was when the defence started its cross-examination the real twist happened.

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Saheel Zaman, Guido’s lawyer, asked Iris if she was mad when Guido asked for a divorce. She admitted that at that time, she did not want her marriage to end.

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Iris even confirmed she set up a fake online account and “pretended to be someone I was not.”

After an hour of intense cross examination, Zaman suggested Iris was the one responsible for sending the letter bombs and framing Guido in an act of revenge.

“I’m going to suggest that it was you who planted the bomb…That it was you who sent the package to Olly’s with your name on it…That it was you who sent the package to Maria Mitousis’ office.”

Iris denied the accusation.

Zaman also asked if she was responsible for trying to break up the marriage before it happened by sending emails under a fake person’s name. She said no.

Just days before Guido and his new bride were set to marry in the Philippines, she was involved in a crash, putting her in hospital. When Iris was asked on the stand if she had sent dead flowers to her hospital room she first said, “I don’t know” but later said it was “possible” she asked a friend to send flowers, but not dead ones.

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Maria Mitousis, the lawyer injured when one of the bombs detonated in her hands, is expected to take the stand on Wednesday.

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Amsel was charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of aggravated assault and multiple charges related to the possession of explosives in July of 2015.

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