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  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Prabha Ramaswamy
    In the latest edition of Shaping Saskatcewan, Prabha Ramaswamy of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce says business plays a foundational role in building a good quality of life.
    Oct 27
  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Bob Behari
    Bob Behari continues to grow the Enviroway team of more than 300 employees.
    Oct 20
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  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Adam Hicks
    Adam Hicks spoke about his passion for community involvement in the latest edition of Shaping Saskatchewan.
    Oct 13
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  • Shaping Saskatchewan: John Lagimodiere
    This week on Shaping Saskatchewan, Chris Carr checks in with John Lagimodiere to find out what it meant to lead the paper to prominence and the important work he is doing now.
    Oct 6
  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Carol LaFayette-Boyd
    From her work with the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum to her records in track and field, Carol LaFayette-Boyd continues to expand her impact on the community.
    Mar 24
  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Aly Bear
    Aly Bear is the third Vice Chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and is the first lawyer to come from the Dakota White Cap first nation.
    Mar 17
  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Rob Vanstone
    Senior journalist and historian of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Rob Vanstone chats with Global News about his new career, passions and motivators in life.
    Mar 10
  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Bonny Stevenson
    Stevenson became the president of MADD Saskatoon after losing her son to a drunk driver.
    Mar 3
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  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Carlo Giambattista
    Carlo Giambattista of the famous Italian Star Deli in Regina sat down with Global News for the latest edition of 'Shaping Saskatchewan.'
    Feb 24
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  • Shaping Saskatchewan: Mike Crabtree
    Once it is constructed in 2024, the rare earth element plant in Saskatoon will be one of only two like it in North America.
    Feb 17

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