Spencer Gallichan-Lowe

Online journalist

Spencer was born in Calgary, but moved to Ontario during the latter half of his childhood. He attended Carleton University in Ottawa for his undergraduate degree, where he majored in journalism and political science.

He has worked in a variety of roles with various local news outlets in Toronto.

In 2015, he returned to Carleton to pursue a master’s degree. His graduate thesis focused on the economics and methodology of political fact-checking organizations.

He started with Global Calgary as an online journalist in February 2018.

Outside of work, Spencer collects comic books and coffee mugs. He is also a believer in continuous education and mastering new skills, such as learning how to fold those pesky fitted bed sheets.

He’s happy to be back in Calgary where it is much sunnier, the housing costs are much more sane and the traffic is not as Mad Max-like.

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