Alberta election: Calgary-Beddington results

Gloabl News projects that Josephine Pon will take the riding of Calgary-Beddington for the United Conservative Party (UCP).

Below is a full list of the candidates in the riding of Calgary-Beddington, an area in the northwest part of the city.

Quick take

Calgary-Beddington is a new riding for the 2019 election, as the boundaries were redrawn.


NDP: Amanda Chapman

United Conservative Party: Josephine Pon

Alberta Party: Carol-Lynn Darch

Liberal Party: Chandan Tadavalkar

Alberta Independence Party: Tom Brbich

Independent: Alexander Dea


In October 2017, the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission adjusted the boundaries of the existing electoral divisions of Calgary-Northern Hills and Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill to create the Calgary-Beddington riding.

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