Arti Patel

National Online Supervising Editor, Lifestyle

Arti Patel is an award-winning reporter and editor with a focus on health, women’s issues, relationships, parenting and the lives of people of colour. Getting her foot in the door at the Huffington Post Canada’s Toronto office, she started as in intern and worked as an editor in the lifestyle department for almost six years.

With a deep passion for storytelling since her Ryerson University journalism days, she has also dabbled in long-form features on mental health and divorce, in-house produced videos and hosted several segments for lifestyle channels.

She also enjoys sitting on media panels and mentoring students interested in the craft.

In 2016, she launched Huffington Post Canada’s Born and Raised series, an ongoing discussion on being a child of an immigrant in Canada.

When she’s not writing or thinking about story ideas, you can find her cheering on the Raptors, getting lost in Toronto neighbourhoods and pretending to be the next big (vegetarian) food critic.

You can follow her on Twitter here. 

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