How to treat itchy, dry skin this winter

Click to play video: 'Skincare tips for healthy skin this winter' Skincare tips for healthy skin this winter
Beauty expert Janine Holmes checks in with The Morning Show with some skincare tips and remedies to keep your skin healthy and fresh. – Nov 20, 2020

If spending most of the day indoors wasn’t changing your skin already, winter is here with a few more surprises.

While you don’t have control over either the season or the COVID-19 pandemic, you can have control over your skin.

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Beauty expert Janine Holmes recently joined with The Morning Show with some skincare tips and remedies to keep your skin healthy and fresh in colder months.

Holmes suggests buying an oat balm cleanser that also acts as a hydrating mask.

“It dissolves makeup, it cleans and nourishes the skin,” she said. “It’s ideal for sensitive, drier skin tone a lot of us get in the winter months.”

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For people with rosacea or redness in the skin, she recommends buying products with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Studies show wrinkles and fine lines on the face can worsen during the colder months. She suggests going for the Wrinkles Schminkles brand. 

The company offers reusable smoothing patches or masks for your forehead, eyes, mouth and lips.

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She says applying it overnight helps the skin to hydrate. “You wake up looking refreshed,” she said.

Those of us following an acne treatment are often unaware of some basic mistakes. We end up applying the treatment on our entire face instead of targeting it on specific spots.

It can lead to dryness. However, getting a zit stick can help in working on the breakout areas, she said.

Another simple trick is to hydrate your skin with a water mist. “It’s got antioxidants that’ll tone your skin,” she added.

“It’ll help with acne, maskne and dark spots,” she says while recommending a rosewater mist.

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To learn more about skincare in winter, watch the full video above.

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