Family members breaking COVID-19 rules? How to step in

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Family members breaking COVID-19 rules? Here’s how to step in
Psychologist Natasha Sharma checks in with 'The Morning Show' with tips on dealing with family and friends who refuse to follow COVID-19 measures. – Nov 9, 2020

It’s one thing to read about strangers or people in your network who break COVID-19 rules or don’t take them too seriously. But it’s another thing when these people end up being loved ones.

Rules and guidelines are set in all parts of the country to protect us, but one expert says it can get frustrating to deal with friends and family who fail to follow these safety measures.

This issue can be particularly troublesome for parents who want to keep their kids safe from the virus.

Psychologist Natasha Sharma recently joined The Morning Show to help parents deal with those family members who may not follow coronavirus rules.

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“The more people you actually have together, whether it’s in a room or a house, the more you’re going to have diversity in the opinions,” Sharma said.

She said that while we are working hard to follow health guidelines, we need to check our own reaction first.

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“It is important to remember not to get angry at someone else for the wrong reason.”

Multigenerational families can consider holding meetings to discuss COVID-19 measures and facts, she suggests.

“It is important to get everybody’s opinion but also to get everyone on the same page,” she said.

And when adults argue about the right rules, kids get confused.

Sharma says to imagine how a child may feel if they see an adult in their family not following rules around wearing a mask, for example.

In these family meetings, keeping the guidelines and rules simple for kids is important to avoid confusing them, she said.

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The increase in cases of COVID-19 calls for “tough love” with “a difficult approach,” she said.

“They may have elderly people or at-risk people.”

She also recommends having serious and harsh consequences for those who put others at risk.

To learn more about dealing with different opinions on COVID-19 rules in the family, watch the full video above.

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