Essential winter items you should buy right now

Click to play video: 'Essentials goods Canadians should buy right now'
Essentials goods Canadians should buy right now
WATCH: Finance expert Barry Choi shares his picks for essential goods you can buy now to make it through the winter season during the ongoing pandemic. – Oct 14, 2020

Preparing for winter this year will be undoubtedly different amid the coronavirus pandemic, so the best time to start planning is right now. 

Finance expert Barry Choi recently joined The Morning Show to share his picks for essential items to get you through the winter season. Choi says if you shop early, you can avoid some of these items running out during the season.   

Start with the obvious. Choi recommends getting your hands on necessary gear like parkas, snow pants and boots early because sizes often sell out by December.  

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And with restrictions on indoor gatherings continuing in the second wave, more people will likely be embracing winter outdoors. 

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Choi said buying items like sleds and toboggans may be particularly useful for some outdoor fun.

Click to play video: 'From toilet paper to electric guitars: what Canadians have been buying during the pandemic'
From toilet paper to electric guitars: what Canadians have been buying during the pandemic

“You want to prepare and have those toys for outdoor activities available in case there is nowhere to go,” he said.   

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If restaurant hopping was your go-to means of socializing in colder months, try entertaining safely at home, indoors or out, based on health guidelines in your region. 

While outdoor heaters may already be a scarce commodity, Choi said the next best thing could be fire pits and tables, but think beyond just buying the product.

“If you’re going to buy a fire pit that requires a contractor, they may be booked up … it’s not just the product, but the installation [and] the contractors that you have to book in advance also,” he added. 
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For fitness enthusiasts in COVID-19 hot spot areas facing gym closures, exercising outdoors may not always be doable during the winter months. 

Choi suggests getting a start on creating your at-home gym to stay active.

Click to play video: 'COVID-19 crisis has flour in high demand'
COVID-19 crisis has flour in high demand

He said it may be worth the investment to buy adjustable weights that will last throughout the winter so you may not even need your gym membership moving forward.  

“People are thinking [about] right now and for the future.” 

For more tips on picking essential winter items to get you through the pandemic, watch the full video above. 


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