2019 Canada election results: Brampton Centre

Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha has been re-elected by voters in the riding of Brampton Centre.

Sangha was first elected in 2015 when he scored a comfortable victory in 2015 over former cabinet minister Bal Gosal.

The Brampton Centre riding is one of five in the city and has undergone a few face-lifts since its inception in 1996.

It was recreated for the previous federal election, taking portions of now-defunct ridings: Brampton—Springdale, Bramalea—Gore—Malton and Mississauga—Brampton South.

As the name implies, it covers the centre portion of Brampton and is represented by Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha.

The riding his home to 102,270 people, including 65,460 voters, according to Elections Canada.


Liberals: Ramesh Sangha (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Pawanjit Gosal
NDP: Jordan Boswell
Green: Pauline Thornham
PPC: Baljit Bawa
Marxist-Leninist: David Gershuny

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