Gardening: Bromeliads

WATCH: Bromeliads offer bright blooms that last. Gardening experts Scott Pearce and Peter Fitzmaurice explain the best ways to plant and maintain them.

Scott and Peter got together for this segment to show off a variety of Bromeliads. Peter matched a hot tropical yellow pot to the bloom colour of a yellow Guzmania. Scott planted up a raised window box planter with a selection of Bromeliads.

Plants Featured:

Guzmania Assorted Colours – A selection of Guzmania were used in the planter and were displayed on the potting bench. Striking in shades of orange, red and yellow.

• Vriesea splendens (Flaming Sword) – Features a tall stem that develops a bright red sword-shape flower sheath.

• Vriesea in Assorted Colours – Mostly shades of red or red-orange. Smaller Vriesea were used in the planter, tucked in between the larger Guzmanias

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• Achemia fasciata (Silver Vase) – was displayed in the assortment of Bromeliads on the potting bench. Thick, arching green leaves with horizontal stripes and sliver patina are striking on their own, but contrast superbly with a bold pink bloom.

• Pineapple – Isn’t it interesting that pineapples are bromeliads! The next time you enjoy a fresh pineapple try to make a new plant by cutting off the top of the pineapple, including about 2 cm of the crown of the fruit, and anchoring it in a pot with dampened (but not soaking) well drained soil!