Montana Getty
Digital Broadcast Journalist

Montana is an enthusiastic Digital Broadcast Journalist with Global Saskatoon. She graduated from the NAIT Radio & Television program in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and aspires to work in the media industry with a strong, positive presence. When Montana enters a room, there is an explosion of energy that can not be ignored. Newcomers are greeted with a vibrant smile and old friends always with a monstrous hug.

Montana is inquisitive and committed, especially when focusing on her passions which include, but are not limited to, sports and videography. Montana uses her tech savviness and multi-tasking skills when exploring her interests online or developing and completing work projects. Her curious nature helps take her to new heights as she strives for excellence.

Team members and friends alike are keenly aware that Montana is loving, supportive and loyal.

Montana loves life and all those in it to the fullest. Her sense of humour shows no boundaries as she makes her way through life with a passionate and positive outlook.


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