Ken MacGillivray
Assignment Editor

From spotting icebergs in the shipping lanes off Cape Spear, Newfoundland, to tagging grizzly bears on the North Slope of the Yukon, to covering the opening of Canada’s first diamond mine near Lac des Gras in the arctic, Ken MacGillivray is an award-winning journalist who has travelled from coast to coast to coast and to many destinations aboard to tell stories about the issues that matter to Canadians.

Originally hailing from Stanley, New Brunswick, Ken has a B.A. from the U.N.B. in Fredericton. After spending 10 years working in radio, Ken made the switch to television, the past 15 years with Global TV in a variety of roles, including broadcast producer, web editor, and weekend assignment editor with Global National.

In 2011 Ken joined the Global Calgary news team as an assignment editor. This is Ken’s second stint living and working in Calgary, the highlight of the first being reporting on the Calgary Flames’ successful run to the Stanley Cup in 1989.

When not working, Ken can be found playing hockey, fly fishing, tying flies, cooking and enjoying time with his wife Carolyn, sons Alex and Fraser and his dogs Qiosha and Natalie.


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