Is the Dyson Supersonic *really* worth the splurge?

The short answer: Yes!.

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When it comes to hair care, I’m all about simplicity. Leave-in conditioner? Not my thing. Hair masks? They test my patience. Some mornings, I even give the hairbrush a pass. But there’s one non-negotiable: a trusty blow-dryer. With my long auburn locks, a sleek blowout trumps an air-drying frizz fest any day.

Enter: the Dyson Supersonic, my secret weapon for achieving a silky-soft mane. Expertly engineered, it eliminates the usual fuss associated with blow-dryers. Heat damage? Don’t know her. Since embarking on the Supersonic journey, I can’t picture my routine without it. And while this hair-dryer may seem like the most high-maintenance (read: pricey) part of my regimen, it’s the only product that keeps my hair effortlessly under control—just the way I like it. Here’s why it’s worth the investment.


You can never go wrong with Dyson. This high-tech baby comes equipped with all the attachments for a sleek and speedy blowout. It’s also gentler on your strands, compared to traditional blow-dryers. I, for one, am never looking back.
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The easy-to-use attachments

Equipped with five magnetic attachments that seriously stay put, this device effortlessly offers a multitude of styling opportunities for different hair types. Whether your goal is to eliminate frizz, enhance shine, smooth flyaways or tame textured strands, there’s an attachment tailored to every need.

Among them, the flyaway smoother stands out as my personal favorite, delivering sleek perfection within seconds—a must-have for achieving flawless straight styles. Also included is a styling concentrator that has a wide, thin design for precision blow-drying, allowing you to tackle one section at a time with ease, à la salon-worthy hair. While the diffuser and wide tooth comb aren’t my go-to choices due to my hair’s lack of texture, they help to boost volume and define curls and waves. And finally, the gentle air attachment is ideal for fine hair and sensitive scalps that prefer a softer blow-dry experience that doesn’t compromise on speed.

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The exceptional heat control system

Add heat protectant to the list of hair products I don’t use. Since experiencing the Dyson Supersonic’s unparalleled heat control system, I don’t feel the need.

With four precise heat settings—including a cold shot button for locking in styled hair—and three speed settings, customizing your blow-dry experience with the Supersonic is a breeze.

Even on the highest heat setting, my strands don’t feel scorched. Having used other blow-dryers in the past, including salon-quality options, I’ve encountered a limited range of heat settings—sometimes as few as two. In contrast, the Dyson Supersonic offers the perfect spectrum of options, coupled with intelligent heat control that monitors air temperature 40 times every second. The result? Lustrous locks with reduced breakage…and fewer salon visits!


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The powerful, yet silent motor

It’s no coincidence that the Dyson Supersonic dries my hair in record time—four minutes to be exact. For someone who has a lot (and I mean a lot) of hair, this is an impressive feat. It’s all due to the Supersonic’s digital motor V9, which spins at up to 110,000 rpm, propelling 13 litres of air every second. Translation: fast airflow for a short dry time.

Despite its powerful motor, the Supersonic is also surprisingly lightweight and quiet. It’s acoustically tuned to produce an inaudible frequency and enveloped by a vibration reduction system. A blow-dryer that keeps things peaceful and efficient—what’s not to love?


The blade-free design

Unlike conventional vented blow-dryers that rely on fan blades to pull air in, the Dyson Supersonic uses Air Multiplier Technology. It captures air from all angles of the machine, channeling it through the center of the ring, which, in turn, generates a powerful flow. This innovative design eliminates the frightful experience of hair becoming trapped in a blow-dryer vent—a scenario I’ve unfortunately experienced firsthand with traditional dryers.

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