Which eye lifting serums really work? We put them to the test

We put some of the bestselling eye lifting serums to the test.

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You might relate to my situation—I’m a 45-year-old woman who spends her days in front of a computer, either on video calls or responding to emails. I’ve found myself unintentionally scrutinizing my appearance more than usual and started noticing that I looked increasingly tired. Then the questions started: Why doesn’t my eye makeup look the same? When did my dark undereye circles become so pronounced?

It was time to upgrade my skincare routine to rejuvenate and brighten my eyes, without resorting to injections or surgery. I needed something beyond just a good night’s sleep to help me appear more refreshed and vibrant.

I’ve been on the quest for an effective eye-lifting serum for what feels like ages, so I finally decided to give all the bestsellers a try. Each of the products listed below underwent a 7-day testing period, applied morning and night. Here’s how they worked for me.

To give you a better understanding of my skin type: it’s fair, thin, sensitive, and prone to dryness. My upper eyelids slightly sag, which cause fine lines and puffiness. Additionally, I struggle with dark undereye circles that can sometimes become crepey if they become too dry.

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Best splurge


BIOTHERM Blue Therapy features extracts of Algae of Youth ™ and a unique pearl-like application wand. The product claims to address aging eye concerns such as eye sagging by lifting the upper eyelid, reducing puffiness under the eyes, and moisturizing the eye area to combat wrinkles.

Feel:  The serum has a wet, watery gel-like consistency.

Pros: Following the first application, my eyes felt moisturized and plumped. I liked how it plumped up the skin in my undereye area. The applicator wand includes a lash tool for applying the product to your lashes, helping strengthen them as well. It’s a nice feature.

Cons: My dark circles became puffy dark circles, so it didn’t address that concern.   The serum is very watery, making it easy to get it into your eyes, especially when applying it to the lashes.

How did it work for me?  Within just five days of using the product, I began to notice lifted, brighter, and more hydrated eyes. I appeared less tired, but my dark circles didn’t disappear they just became puffy with the extra hydration. Overall, I did like the product, and I would recommend consistent use—just be cautious to avoid getting it in your eyes!


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Best Price

Derma-E boasts many key ingredients you’d look for in a lifting eye cream, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and resveratrol. This product claims to enhance collagen production for firmer, more resilient skin, leaving the eye area firmer, smoother, and replenished. Some of its active ingredients are more natural, including goji berry glycopeptides, for added firming. Plus, it’s 100% vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Feel: The texture is a lightweight cream/gel.

Pros: Within just four days, my eyes appeared lifted, and my extra eyelid folds decreased. While there was a subtle improvement in my dark circles, it wasn’t significant enough to deem this the ultimate eye-lifting/dark circle product. It proved gentle and didn’t cause any irritation when applied directly to the lids. Considering its low price point, it’s an excellent product. It has become my go-to eye cream.

Cons: The only downside is the small tube and the odd applicator. The applicator resembles that of a lip gloss tube, making it awkward to apply to the eye area. I found it easier to add the product to my finger and gently apply it to the eye area instead. Also, the product comes in a smaller tube compared to other brands listed here, so you may need to replenish it more frequently with regular morning and night applications.

How did it work for me? It effectively lifted and hydrated my eyes and slightly improved my dark circles. It was also really affordable. Sometimes, less expensive skincare products can be just as effective making this was a great find. It has now a staple in my daily skincare routine.


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Best for Dark Circles

This highly rated eye cream with a higher price point immediately caught my attention. It boasts intriguing key ingredients such as diamond powder, suggesting it’s particularly effective for treating eye puffiness and dark circles. The inclusion of diamond powder and minerals subtly illuminates the skin for a youthful glow while minimizing the appearance of dark circles. It also contains caffeine and peptides to lift, along with hyaluronic acid and shea butter for rich, lasting moisture.


Feel: The cream has a thick, rich texture that feels luxurious and provides hydration throughout the day.

Pros: The thick, rich cream feels amazing when you apply it, absorbs well into the skin, and keeps the eye area moisturized all day long. What stood out to me the most was how my dark circles appeared less prominent and shallow almost instantly.

Cons: While I initially thought this would be an excellent all-around product, I noticed that my upper eyelids began to droop and crease slightly after I stopped using my previous eye cream. This became noticeable as early as day two.

More Recommendations

How did it work for me? This eye cream has been the most effective in reducing my dark undereye circles. However, it didn’t meet all my needs. Given its higher price point, if you’re seeking a single product to both lift and reduce dark circles, this might not be the ideal eye cream for you. I would recommend using it in combination with another lifting eye cream mentioned here.


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Best Instant Lift


This product claims to utilize instant skin tighteners, although the exact ingredients are unspecified. It aims to reduce under-eye puffiness and smooth the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. While it’s ophthalmologist tested, it doesn’t explicitly mention its active ingredients.


Feel: The texture is a thick, paste-like gel.

Pros: If you’re seeking immediate results, this product delivers. Once it dries, you can visibly notice the lift. The higher you apply the product on your upper eye, the more pronounced the lift. It’s an effective quick fix for achieving brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.

Cons: This product’s effects are temporary and can be quite drying. If not rubbed in thoroughly, it may leave a slight white residue. While it provides the fastest and firmest lift to the upper eye area, I found it to be too drying when used under my eyes. Although I don’t have puffy under eyes, I can see how it could be beneficial for tightening under-eye bags.

How did it work for me?  This product provided maximum lift for a non-surgical, over-the-counter product. The lift is temporary though, and I didn’t notice continued results with prolonged use. It also didn’t offer sufficient hydration for my under-eye area. However, it has become another essential in my skincare routine for those days when I need extra help combatting tired-looking eyes, although I will reserve it for occasional use rather than daily.


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One to skip…


This product claims to lift eyelids, reduce wrinkles, and diminish dark circles and bags by 84%, all very impressive claims that caught my attention. It contains hyaluronic acid and chestnut blossom to aid in restructuring the eye area, smoothing and filling in wrinkles.


Feel: The texture is a thin, watery cream base.

Pros: One positive aspect is that it didn’t cause any irritation to my eyes, which is definitely a bonus. However, that’s about the only pro I could report on.

Cons: Three days into using this product, I considered discontinuing my test because I noticed my eyelids starting to sag and fine lines reappearing. Overall, it didn’t deliver any noticeable benefits for me. I found myself reaching for my other facial products throughout the day to rehydrate my eye area because this cream just wasn’t enough.

How did it work for me? It didn’t work for me. I didn’t see any results. While sometimes you can stumble upon a hidden gem among inexpensive, non-brand-name products online, this eye cream isn’t one of those great finds.


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