Tinted sunscreen & eclipse glasses: Here’s what Curator readers are loving this month

There's still time to stock up on glasses before the total solar eclipse!. (Getty/File)

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March has been a busy time for us at The Curator. Not only have we been counting down to spring – but we were buzzing with Amazon’s Big Spring Sale. We’ve got lots of great stories coming in April, including how best to tackle spring allergies and when you should start getting your garden ready for planting.

As we look back on the past few weeks, here’s a rundown of our top 10 bestsellers for March. And no surprise, a lot of them are spring cleaning related!

We did a deep dive on tinted sunscreens this month and this DRMTLGY brand is high on our list. It’s a tinted moisturizer, but it’s super lightweight, and you can use it in addition to your daily morning moisturizer. But if you’re looking to get ready in a flash, this bottle can do it all. Curator tip: this brand is on sale right now, so stock up!
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Kyda is having a meteoric rise thanks to its decidedly lower price point but similar silky sheen and 9-shades deep pigment library. This version is called Natural Pink.


Soluna is manufactured in the USA and claims to be ISO-compliant under the most current standards. These glasses feature a scratch-resistant, silver polymer lens material and purport to filter 100 per cent of harmful ultraviolet rays.


It’s hard to turn down a product that can save us both time and precious storage space. Conventional colanders will be a thing of the past thanks to this snazzy snap-on version that will fit onto any sized pot, pan or bowl. Made from food-grade silicone, it’s also heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.
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If you like to have back-up charger cables on hand or place them strategically around your home and travel bags, then stock up on these while they are on sale. Rave Amazon Review: “It’s a well made cable and corresponds Apple specs at a great price.”


If you struggle with slow drains, there are three things you can get your hands on to solve that problem. First, use a drain cleaning hook to slip into a drain and clear out any clogs. Wear gloves and have a plastic bag handy to catch anything you yank out.
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If you have water bottles galore in your home, consider getting one of these brushes. Many of these bottles are not dishwasher-safe, and we need a solution. I like this brush because it’s convenient and double-sided, so it speeds through cleaning. The brush has suction cups that will stick to the side of your kitchen sink. Add some dish soap to your water bottle, then scrub sideways to clean and refresh your bottles!
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Let’s be honest: we often eat while using our laptops. Crumbs scatter all over the keyboard and dust can accumulate over time on the keyboard and other components, while the screen becomes smeared with gunk. This handy tool solves the problem of both a dirty screen and a dirty keyboard. Use one side to brush dust and debris out of the keyboard—I prefer to stand the keyboard on its side for this—and the other side to clean the screen. Just remember to turn off your computer before doing this!


Another troublesome spot in the kitchen is the area around the faucet—it’s a huge splash zone! Plus, there are soap and sponges, and the area often accumulates water buildup, leaving behind gunk and hard water stains. This sink splash guard is cool because you can cut the rubber ring to fit your faucet base. It also features a slight angle and channeling to help direct water back into the sink, while elevating wet items like sponges for quick drying.


If you own a slide-in stove, you’ve likely encountered numerous cooking mishaps, with crumbs, sauce, and spills slipping into the gap between the counter and the stove. This solution is quick and easy to install, and it’s also top-rack dishwasher safe. Simply order the correct size for your counter, choose your preferred color, and apply it over a clean surface. Now, spills and crumbs will be prevented from entering that pesky gap.
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