Hosting an NHL hockey playoff party? We got you

We've rounded up some fun NHL-themed items that will ship quickly. (Amazon)

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It’s that time of year hockey fans both eagerly anticipate and nervously endure: playoffs season. When your team is in the running for the cup, the excitement is unparalleled. Yet, it also comes with its fair share of nerves and sleepless nights.

Whether you’re gathering with friends for a thrilling game night or planning a special evening for the kids, we’ve rounded up some fun themed items that will ship quickly, ensuring you’re all set for the excitement of the playoffs.


Bring on the snacks! These extra-strong plates can handle any game-day grub you throw their way. And if you happen to have leftovers, they’re perfect for birthday parties too.
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If you’re up for some temporary tattoo fun, these hockey-themed tattoos should do the trick.


Elevate your dessert platter with these hockey cupcake toppers. They’re easy to reuse for a hockey-themed birthday party, adding a fun touch to any sweet treat spread.


This set has it all and can be delivered next day for Prime members. It comes with 20 x dinner plates, 20 x dessert plates, 20 x cups, 20 x table napkins, 1 x tablecloth, and a birthday banner you can save for later.
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Are you bold enough to show your Maple Leaf pride? Why not adorn your mailbox with a flag? And hey, when (not if!) the day comes that the Leafs win it all, you can proudly display it on your car window and join in the celebration.


You can also sprinkle some Leafs magic throughout your party area with these coasters. This set of eight should be just the ticket to infuse your gathering with team spirit.
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Yes, I live in Toronto. No, I haven’t forgotten that there are other Canadian teams vying for the cup. If you’re backing the Oilers, we’ve got a flag for you too.
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And The Jets as they take on Colorado…


Finding a Canucks flag that ships quickly might be a bit tricky, but fear not – this victory banner will arrive just in time.
Playing while watching is a tradition in our house. We’ve had this Franklin mini boards set for years and they never get old. You can space them out across your basement to expand the rink size.
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