13 year old arrested after bomb threat at Hamilton elementary school

A Hamilton police cruiser. Global News

A 13 year old was arrested after calling in a bomb threat at a Hamilton elementary school, police say.

Hamilton police said that on Tuesday, the teen was arrested after a bomb threat was made to Mount Albion Elementary School.

“The call was traced back from the school to a local address, where a youth admitted making the threat,” police said.

Since Thursday, there have been 16 school threats across Hamilton.

“Hamilton police recognize the importance of school safety and how threats of this nature can be difficult for students, staff, and their families,” police said.

“Police take incidents like these extremely seriously and will continue to work closely with school boards to help identify the individuals responsible and lay the appropriate criminal charges where a suspect(s) is identified.”

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Police continue to investigate the threats.

In the case of the 13 year old, the youth was given a pre-charge diversion under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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