Victoria Idowu
Digital Broadcast Journalist

Victoria Idowu is a Digital Broadcast Journalist with Global Regina.

Over the last decade, Victoria has built her journalism career as a judicial correspondent and human-interest reporter. She started her career in journalism as an entertainment presenter in 2010 at DBN Television in Nigeria. Following that, she completed her law degree in 2011 before joining a CNN affiliate television network, Network News 24. In 2012, Victoria was called to the Nigerian Bar Association as well as joined Nigeria’s number one television station as a reporter, producer and news anchor.

Victoria has also produced a number of documentaries, including a half hour legal based documentary, Law Weekly, and a community based documentary, Community Report. In September of 2021, Victoria moved to Canada to pursue her master’s degree in journalism, where she produced an award-winning documentary as part of her final project. In 2022, Victoria then joined Global News as a producer, and has recently transitioned roles to a Digital Broadcast Journalist.

During her career, Victoria has received several awards including Young Emerging Reporter of the Year, Best Human Interest Report, Award for Advance Investigation in Science and Technology, and the Newsies Best Breaking News. Another career highlight of hers involved covering a story featuring a young widow whose husband passed without leaving a will. The report drew an overwhelming amount of support from non-government organizations and churches, and impacted Victoria when she saw how one report can change a person’s life.


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