Mark Madryga

Chief Meteorologist

Mark Madryga is Global BC’s chief meteorologist. He delivers your weather forecast weekdays on Global News Morning, Global News at Noon, and weekday mornings on BC1.

Mark’s passion for weather began when he was a nine-year-old growing up in Kamloops in the early 1970s. He would keenly record weather information almost hourly (when not at school) on notepads and also on cassette tapes. He never missed a News Hour weather report by Norm Grohmann on BCTV in those days.

Mark attended NorKam Secondary in Kamloops, followed by two years at Cariboo College and then to UBC where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and Meteorology in 1986. After another year of courses at UBC, it was time to enter the real world of employment. In September 1987, Mark began a career with Environment Canada as a meteorologist. He spent eight months at Training Branch in Toronto, and then was posted to the Pacific Weather Centre in Vancouver, where he was a forecaster for 21 years.

Mark also began working at Global BC (BCTV back then) in May 1994 as the weather anchor for the Noon News Hour. He moved to the weekend weather post in the fall of 1997. In September 2006, Mark joined the Morning News team as the senior meteorologist, and had an absolute blast.

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