Elysia Bryan-Baynes


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Born and raised in Montreal, Elysia has been with Global Television since 2003.

In her ten years at Global, Elysia has been a researcher, reporter, producer and National Assembly correspondent – and she’s now the anchor for the News Final.

For four years, she lived in Ottawa while studying Law and Communications at Carleton University.

Of Jamaican and Vincentian heritage, Elysia owes her life in Canada to her Mom’s love of hockey, which kept the family in the country when tempted by the warm heat of the Caribbean.

Elysia’s love of news is matched only by her love of superheroes and comics.

If you don’t see her on the road, you can often catch her at her local comic book store perusing the wares and getting her geek on.

She also enjoys a good salsa dance at one of Montreal’s many venues. Wepa!

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