5 things menopausal skin needs to look beautiful with or without makeup

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Menopausal Glow-Up: Essential skincare tips for radiant skin
Menopausal Glow-Up: Essential skincare tips for radiant skin – Jun 5, 2024

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When it comes to skincare, sometimes less is more. But when we’re dealing with menopausal skin, the opposite is true. Beauty expert Shari Koffman stopped by The Morning Show to show us how to get flawless skin, with or without makeup.



The first thing you want to do is get that dewy, tacky look to make your skin look more youthful and this IDC hydrator is a great place to start, Koffman explains. It’s a Canadian brand that offers some of the highest concentrations of active ingredients, all while remaining gentle on the skin, Koffman notes. This serum is enriched with 1.7% of Pure Hyaluronic Acid and more than 400 Multi-Peptides to help plump and firm up the skin.
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U Beauty is another go-to for Hofman because it’s a hybrid between an oil and a hydrator to prevent dry, dehydrated skin. It balances out hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss, all the while targeting signs of aging, she adds. You can wear it on its own or under makeup for the perfect glow.


Now that you’ve tackled hydration, you have to work on the glow, says Koffman. “Because when you have glow, light bounces from the skin and blurs imperfections,” she says. La Spa offers this overnight Glycolic Acid peel that you can do at home is a key player in skin exfoliation. “La Spa Glycolic Peel contains the world’s only certified Glycolic Acid sourced from sugarcane and completely non- toxic formula,” she says. If used as directed, you can see results within two weeks.
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To finish it all off, celebrity makeup artist Arabella Trasca created this glow mist. “This is an unbelievable product for menopausal skin,” Koffman says. “It’s going to hold hydration to the skin, it’s going to give you a glow that lasts for hours.”
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A good way to unify the skin is to use a self-tanner, Koffman says. Tan Towel has been around for decades, and it comes in a body towelette and a face towelette. “The tan comes out in two to four hours it doesn’t grab on to any hyperpigmentation or age spots or dark spots. It actually blurs all your imperfections,” she notes. Use it before putting on your favourite bathing suit this summer!
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