Miracle Balm: Is it worth the hype?

As someone who isn't big on makeup but also hates the idea of dull skin, I was immediately drawn to Miracle Balm's promise. (Jones Road)

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Two weeks ago, Miracle Balm was a complete mystery to me. Now? It’s kind of my latest obsession. It all started when I stumbled upon an ad for Jones Road Miracle Balm while scrolling through Instagram. What really grabbed my attention was the video featuring makeup and skincare icon Bobbi Brown.

As someone who isn’t big on makeup but also hates the idea of dull skin, I was immediately drawn to the product’s promise. Plus, being over 40, I totally get the struggle of concealer and powder settling into those pesky lines around my eyes.


I decided to try out the ‘Find Your Shade’ tool on the Jones Road website to pinpoint my perfect match. I was looking for a product versatile enough to use all over my face, not just as a blush or bronzer. The tool suggested the Au Naturel shade for me, so I went ahead and placed my order.
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Did it work?

Yes and no. Which, I know, isn’t exactly a straightforward answer. My advice? Watch a few tutorial videos before diving into Miracle Balm. Breaking the seal and figuring out the right amount to use can be a bit tricky. Many reviews mention its stickiness, and they’re not wrong—it’s really sticky. I also discovered that a little goes a long way, a lesson I learned early on.

On my first try, I applied it all over my face, almost like a powder. It felt like I’d smeared petroleum jelly on my face. That’s when I turned to more tutorial videos and adjusted the amount I was using. The videos also suggested avoiding the T-zone, which I did. When applied to my cheeks, I did notice a healthier glow. My favourite way to use the Au Naturel shade is to use a bit of concealer under my eyes first, and then dab the Miracle Balm under my eyes to help smooth everything out, preventing any concealer from clinging to my fine lines. It also gives my under eye area a nice glow.

Another balm?

Now that I was aboard the Miracle Balm train, I was curious about what else was out there. That’s when I stumbled upon Bayfree. After searching for ‘Miracle Balm Dupes,’ it popped up as a top result. At $16 each, I felt like I could afford to experiment with some different colours.

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I opted for the Pink Sakura shade to experiment with using it as a blush for a natural pop of colour. Additionally, I chose the Dewy shade to compare it to the Jones Road Au Naturel.
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My take?

It’s considerably less sticky and simpler to apply compared to the Jones Road Miracle Balm. I particularly liked the Pink Sakura shade as it imparted a subtle hint of colour and shine to my cheeks. Since I prefer a minimalist makeup look, just a tiny dab was sufficient. Moreover, it serves as a swift and effortless burst of colour for your lips.

Last but not least, I decided to give Burt’s Bees Miracle Balm a try.


It comes in a handy little container with only one colour option. It’s recommended for your skin, lips, and even eyebrows to tame flyaways. This balm has a texture similar to the Jones Road one. So, when it comes to texture and application, I prefer the Bayfree balm. However, I do like this formula on my lips.
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Now what?

Will I keep using these Miracle Balms in my day-to-day routine? Yes. Whether I’m on a work call or headed to the hockey rink, I’ll add a touch of glow to my cheeks and maybe – if I’m feeling extra – some mascara.

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