Ultimate March Break packing list for your beach getaway

From tumblers to chill your drinks cold to packable pool floaties, here are a few things to tuck into your suitcases before you head south. (Getty/File)

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A week in the sun pretty much guarantees you a good time, that’s for sure. But if you want to level up this year’s March Break or spring getaway to an all-inclusive resort or condo rental down south, here are 13 items to consider picking up to boost your trip’s fun factor.


This two-pack of floaties is flat and small when uninflated, making them easy to sneak into a suitcase for some extra resort fun—and according to reviewers, quick to inflate! These are a twist on the classic noodle and something to toss into the pool with the kids.
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Or if you want to do some floating yourself, hop into this affordable—and ergonomically designed—pool bed and float on over to that pool bar for another Mai Tai. Or if you’re tired of laying around, the bed can double as a lounging chair or even a water saddle.


Packing a 50 SPF sunscreen is a good idea for that blazing sun. You’ll also appreciate that this sunscreen is water-resistant for 80 minutes.


Want to keep those Rum Punches cold in the warm Mexican sun? This insulated tumbler, available in a range of colours, features a spill-proof lid, is leak-resistant, and easy to clean back in your resort room.
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A little denser than a beach read, this “Heather’s Pick” paperback book is sure to charm. And when you get back home, watch the miniseries starring Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott to see how it compares to your resort read.


This roomy tote, which comes with five pockets, is big enough to minimize rummaging to find the items you’ve tucked into it—portable speakers, sunscreen, water diapers, and more—but also sandproof and stylish enough to lug around the resort. You’ll also appreciate how small it packs up when you have to toss it back into your suitcase.


Getting too much sun happens to the best of us, so ease your ouch with this balm that’s ultra-moisturizing and 100 per cent fragrance-free.
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Resort flights can be early birds or go late into the night—sometimes when the airport shops are closed—so tuck these organic snack packs into your carry-on for munching on the go. Bonus: this snack is also made up of heart-healthy ingredients such as almonds, walnuts, and dried cranberries


Yes, you’re thinking you want to be phone-free on this vacation. However, this backup portable 0.5-inch thick charger is easy to slip into your carry-on for travel days, which can sometimes drag on longer than expected. (Bonus—it can also charge three devices at once.)
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If your phone does make it to the beach, storing it in a vinyl waterproof case (which comes in a two-pack) like this one is a good idea, especially for moments like when your family decides to take a ride on the banana boat—a moment you’ll want to capture.
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Beachgoers know that windy days on the water mean it can be hard to keep the towel between you and the hot plastic of the chair. Enter these clever and colorful beach towel clips, made of stainless steel so they won’t rust, to keep them in place.


This chiffon kimono is a lightweight cover-up to keep handy for when you want to hit the beach grill for lunch but not necessarily eat your salad in a bikini.


Keep those kids busy in the water with this durable ball, which can skim and hop impressive distances in the water. It also works for the elementary school-aged crowd, older teens, and even parents.
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Whether you’re entertaining your group at the airport while you’re waiting for your flight or it’s a quiet night at the resort, this card game version of the Monopoly board game gives you something new to try. It can be played by 2-5 players.
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