10 ways you can celebrate Lunar New Year at home

Lunar New Year marks prosperity and follows the lunar calendar, changing each year based on the second new moon of winter solstice. (Getty/File)

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Goodbye, Year of the Rabbit, and hello to the Year of the Dragon! This change takes place on February 10 this year, marking the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This event is all about welcoming luck, wealth, and prosperity for the coming year while bidding farewell to the old one.

Why does the date change every year? Instead of following the Gregorian calendar, Lunar New Year adheres to the lunar calendar, and the date is determined by the second new moon of the winter solstice. Additionally, Lunar New Year is a 15-day event, with each year marked by another animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

If you’d like to celebrate Lunar New Year this year, Stephen Chappell, an executive member at large of the Ottawa-based Canada-China Friendship Society, shares a few customs you can embrace to celebrate the holiday.


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Red is considered the luckiest color of Lunar New Year and these envelopes are filled with money and given to children to give them wealth and luck.


“The 15th day of the Lunar New Year is called Lantern Day which is when the family will gather to celebrate,” says Chappell. The day also marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebration and lanterns are lit to bring hope for the new year.


“As far as foods for Lunar New Year, in the north of China they they tend to eat dumplings,” says Chappell. (Though Lunar New Year is celebrated by other Asian countries including Japan and Korea.) Make your own with this kit – which also allows you to make other cultural foods from pierogies to empanadas.
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This three-piece steamer will help you cook your celebration dumplings to perfection.


“One tradition is cleaning one’s house so you can welcome a fresh start to the new year,” says Chappell. However once Lunar New Year starts, the tradition calls for no cleaning during the celebration so as not to sweep away luck.


“Fish is one thing that’s critical in the meal,” says Chappell. “The pronunciation of fish is similar to the pronunciation of ‘surplus’ and symbolizing prosperity.” The fish is also commonly served whole and often steamed.
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“Lantern Day is when the family will gather again to eat these glutenous rice balls filled usually with sesame seeds,” says Chappell. Rice is key to a Lunar New Year celebration and this cooker makes enough for a crowd.
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The New Year is about prosperity and more and what’s more prosperous than a Money Tree that grows with you?


Gifts are commonly given as part of the holiday and this unique set honours the Year of the Dragon and is perfect for LEGO fans who are 10 years+.
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For the younger family members, this set is more suitable for the 6-10 years old crowd.


This card turns into a hangable red lantern–perfect for ending the 15-day Lunar New Year celebration.

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