Camp Marjorie organizers calling for change to Social Services program

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Camp Marjorie organizers calling for change to Social Services program
Camp Marjorie organizers are calling on the provincial government to take a look at the Saskatchewan Income Support Program, which they say is flawed – Oct 28, 2021

The Saskatchewan Income Support Program (SIS) needs to be revised, according to one Camp Marjorie volunteer.

According to Shylo Stevenson, who is the Regina Needle Recovery Community Support Communications Officer, the program is flawed.

“With the old system, at least people could afford to buy food and pay rent. Right now, it’s just survival mode, it’s either rent or food, it’s super dire straits. People are being forced into buying food to survive and so they’re getting evicted,” said Stevenson.

The program was implemented by the provincial government in September, and that’s why Saskatchewan Social Services Minister, Lori Carr, says that it will take time for the full effect to be realized.

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“We’re monitoring what’s happening, we’re working with landlords, we’re asking for information on clients who may be behind and we’re trying to work with those clients to get them back on track. We realize that some individuals may not be able to take care of that on their own and we’re willing to do that work for them,” she said.

As Regina enters its winter season, the government’s cold weather strategy involves working with community partners as well as municipalities to make sure shelters are in place.

“If for some reason a shelter does happen to be full, we have the capacity to put those individuals up in hotel rooms for the evening so everybody will have a warm place to sleep,” said Carr.

For Stevenson, this temporary solution is not enough for the foreseeable future, but he is glad that government officials have begun responding and having discussions with camp volunteers and organizers about finding solutions.

“They’ve come to camp, Minister Carr’s come to camp, we had lots of leaders come to camp and see first-hand instead of making the decisions at the top while we’re down here. We met in the middle and they’re seeing themselves that their system is flawed and they’re trying to adjust it,” said Stevenson.

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Camp Marjorie currently has 72 tents set up and remains at over 100 occupants.


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