Sunless tanning tips for the perfect summer glow

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Sunless tanning tips to achieve the perfect summer glow
Beauty expert Christine Cho shares tips for getting a sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin. – May 20, 2021

As we emerge from our homes pale and hopeful as the weather gets warmer in Canada, remember that being sunkissed isn’t always safe for your skin.

Toronto-based beauty expert Christine Cho recently joined The Morning Show to discuss sunless tanning tips to achieve the perfect summer glow without damaging your skin.

In the past, self-tanners were known to smell bad and look fake, but Cho says products in today’s market can develop naturally on your skin and we have come a long way.

When applying self-tanner on your body, she recommends exfoliating your skin beforehand, towel-drying, and then using a mitt for an even tone.

“Put on even, long strokes on clean skin,” she says.

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Cho recommends the Australian-brand Bondi Sands liquid gold self-tan foam, which can help you achieve a quick, bronze tan.

Keep in mind, the tan will continue to develop once you rinse off the foam, she adds.

Cho recommends using a different product on your face, such as the James Read Glow20 facial tanning serum, which has vitamin C, vitamin E, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.

“What you’re putting on your face should be like any other skincare (product) — it should be good for your skin and not harming it for the sake of a tan,” she says.

If you’re using make-up afterwards, Cho recommends using Saint cosmetics bronzing powder, for a matte, radiant finish.

Additionally, make sure to remove any products on your face or body at the end of the day, Cho says.

She recommends using the Esthederm After-Sun Micellar shower gel, which acts as a magnet and removes any dirt and debris on your skin.

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For more self-tanning tips, watch the full video above. 

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