No pressure this Valentine’s Day as couples celebrate another pandemic holiday

Valentine's Day will be more laid back this year. Supplied

The pandemic is shining a light on who matters most to us this year, giving us even more reasons to spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

Winnipeg businesses are pulling out all the stops to help you celebrate in a COVID-friendly way in hopes of making the holiday just as special as years past.

Cody Chomiak from Tourism Winnipeg thinks there’s even a silver lining to having a romantic holiday during a global pandemic.

“The pressure’s off, so you can just really try to enjoy it and take in what’s most important which is spending time withy our loved one,” he says.

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Chomiak adds there is a plethora of options, whether you’re bringing the kids along or leaving them at home.

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Staycations, which have become sort-of a pandemic trademark, are a perfect way to change the scenery for an evening.

If you opt to stay at home, Chomiak suggests having a date night in a box delivered, or pick your favourite restaurant to order take-out from.

Trying something new might be the key to keeping the spark alive, too.

Psychologist Syras Derksen says during a time where many are feeling particularly low, these holidays can take on extra importance.

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He says expanding yourself in a collaborative way where you need your loved one could be beneficial.

“It’s something you’re taking on as something new in your relationship, something new for you, and that’s a great way to connect with your partner,” says Derksen.

Becoming more psychologically flexible is valued in relationships according to Derksen, who says it’s important to realize there are other things we can do to switch up our routine.

Whatever you decide to do, Chomiak says Tourism Winnipeg’s list of Valentine’s Day ideas is there to get you through yet another pandemic holiday.

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If all else fails, you can take Chomiak’s words of wisdom and create a truly Winnipeg themed date and hit the skating trails at The Forks.

“There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing,” Chomiak says. “If it’s cold, you gotta just dress up for it, and if there’s sun shining on your face, there’s nothing better.”

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