Coronavirus: Malls in Edmonton limit access following provincial government order to shut down non-essential business

A file shot of Southgate Centre Mall in Edmonton.
A file shot of Southgate Centre Mall in Edmonton. Dayne Winter / Global News

Shopping malls in the Edmonton area have closed the majority of their services, following Friday’s orders from the provincial government to close all non-essential businesses.

The malls have not entirely shut their doors, but shopping access to all will remain limited to stores deemed “essential.” Many of the malls in Edmonton have announced changes to how they operate to accommodate for the new rules, with many deciding that only doors near the essential services will be open to the public.

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The government said in its announcement Friday that all clothing, gift, beauty, art, luggage, computer and gaming, toy, music, book and sporting stores would be required to close.

However, some stores are exempt, including grocery stores, liquor stores, pet supply stores and banks. The full list of essential businesses is available online.

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West Edmonton Mall said Friday that all entrances will be closed except for entrance two, eight, 31, 52, and 58. The organization said no gathering, mall walking or loitering will be permitted in the mall itself, meaning people should only go there if they need something from one of the essential stores.

Southgate Centre Mall announced Saturday that it will be closed to the public, except for access to these stores: Safeway, Rexall Drugs, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Bank, Dollarama, Southgate Dental Centre, Wine & Beyond, Lenscrafters, SImply Health and Capital Vision Care. Several of the stores, including the banks, Safeway and the dental office have external entrances, meaning you don’t have to enter the mall to access them, but the mall’s south, southeast and northeast entrance will remain open to allow access to the other stores.

Kingway Mall said it would be implementing a “temporary closure” and will be keeping only entrance two open to the public. The stores that remain open at that mall include dental offices, liquor stores, Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as several food retailers for take-out only. All dining areas in the mall have been shut down to the public. A full list of the essential stores and their hours is available on the mall’s website. 

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Londonderry Mall has also moved to a limited operating model. It said on its website that public access is being restricted and all mall-walking programs have been cancelled. The mall is asking shoppers who need to access essential services to use only entrances two, three and six. The majority of retailers open at the mall are food services for take-out only, as well as several dollar stores and the mall’s Shoppers Drug Mart and Save-On-Foods. The full list of the businesses remaining open is on the mall’s website. 

Mill Woods Town Centre mall will limit access to essential stores, with only entrance one and two open to the public. Some stores at the complex including Canadian Tire, Co-Op, M&M Foods and others have separate entrances that do not require entering the mall to access. The full list of essential stores remaining open is on the mall’s website. 

Edmonton City Centre mall and Northgate Centre mall had not updated their policies online as of Saturday afternoon, but both will operate under the same business restrictions outlined by the province.

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South Edmonton Common, as an outlet mall, has not had to adjust access to the property but is providing customers with a list of businesses operating specials and deals through curbside pickup and take out orders. Customers should contact stores they believe are essential prior to shopping to see if they remain open.

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