Stratford man facing attempted murder charges in connection to hit and run

Stratford police released an image of the suspect.
Stratford police released an image of the suspect. Stratford police / Twitter

A 29-year-old Stratford man is facing attempted murder charges in connection to a recent hit and run, Stratford police say.

They say a 35-year-old man and 27-year-old woman had an encounter with a man at the 7-Eleven on Erie Street at around 10 p.m. on Jan. 30.

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As the pair were leaving the parking lot of the convenience store, police say they spotted him sitting outside in a black pickup truck.

As the victims walked behind the store, police say they heard a vehicle picking up speed before it turned the corner toward them.

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Police say the woman moved clear of the truck but the man was struck by the truck, which then fled the scene.

The man was transported to a local hospital with critical injuries but was later moved to a hospital in London, where he remains in critical but stable condition. Police say he is expected to survive his injuries.

Police say the suspect does not have a history with the police which prompted them to put the photo a photo from the store’s security camera onto social media.

It is unclear to police as to what led to the incident.

“Not much is known regarding their relationship right now,” Const. Darren Fischer told Global News. He says it is not known “if they fully know who the male was beforehand or if it was just a coincidental interaction between the two.

“Not much known as to what happened between them in the store.”

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Fischer says the suspect was unknown so he quickly posted a photo of the suspect on social media.

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“Sometime in the very early morning, we received some information from the public regarding his identity,” Fisher says and the man was quickly tracked down and arrested.

The following day, police say they identified and arrested the suspect after releasing an image on social media.

Daniel Hamm is facing several charges including attempted murder and failing to stop after an accident resulting in bodily harm.