Butter chicken tops the list for most Skip the Dishes orders in Regina

People in Regina ordered butter chicken more than 7,800 times through Skip the Dishes in 2019. Courtesy /

It seems people in Regina really enjoy their butter chicken.

Reginians ordered the popular Indian dish more than 7,800 times in 2019, through Skip the Dishes.

Cheeseburgers were second with close to 7,600 orders, followed by caesar salads, ordered nearly 6,000 times.

Nationally, butter chicken remains on top of what’s ordered the most, followed by poutine and dynamite rolls.

In Regina, Skip the Dishes saw a 31 per cent increase in orders in 2019 compared to 2018.

Among the 250 hometown restaurants using the delivery service, Hachi Sushi, Trifon’s Pizza and Red Swan Pizza were most popular.

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Regina’s biggest order included 21 BBQ samplers and 42 pieces of cornbread. It cost $630.

Canada’s biggest order rang in at $4,004.

The person who did the most ordering in Regina this year ordered takeout 353 times.  In Canada, the most frequent client has 764 orders to date.

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