‘You’re just jealous of my eyebrows,’ Trudeau tells crying baby

Click to play video: 'Federal Election 2019: Trudeau jokingly says crying baby ‘jealous’ of his eyebrows'
Federal Election 2019: Trudeau jokingly says crying baby ‘jealous’ of his eyebrows
WATCH: During a campaign stop in a New Brunswick park on Oct. 15, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau met a crying baby who he jokingly said is "jealous" of his eyebrows but promised that one day the infant would also have great eyebrows – Oct 15, 2019

Most politicians kiss babies on the campaign trail. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau asks them about their eyebrows.

Trudeau took an unusual approach to comforting a sobbing infant in New Brunswick on Tuesday when he seemed to fixate on the youngster’s lack of … well, eyebrows.

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The interaction occurred shortly after Trudeau posed with the child, the child’s mother and a few other people during a campaign stop in the riding of Fundy Royal, N.B. The baby started crying after the photo, prompting Trudeau to try to step in with some baby talk.

“You’re just jealous of my eyebrows, aren’t you?” he asks the child in a soothing voice while rubbing the infant’s shoulder.

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“You’ll get eyebrows one day, I promise,” he says in a video captured by Global News. Trudeau then coos, “I know, I know,” before returning to his eyebrow joke.

“You’ll get very nice eyebrows one day,” he says. He then raises and lowers his own eyebrows several times.

“Yes, just like me,” he tells the child.

Trudeau is not the only politician to share a cute moment with a baby on the campaign trail. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer invited a staffer to bring her young child on his campaign tour, while NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh posed with a Conservative politician’s newborn in Ontario last month.

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The other federal party leaders have not yet commented on Trudeau’s eyebrow-raising interaction. It’s also not clear if Trudeau is promising eyebrows for every baby — or one pair of eyebrows for this specific baby.

However, one Twitter user was quick to flag it as an unofficial campaign promise.

“Breaking,” Twitter user Jake Reid wrote. “Trudeau makes eyebrow election promise to baby.”

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