Zhoda, Man. residents still fighting flood waters, looking for answers from municipality

Several homes are being threatened by fall flooding in Zhoda, Man., Global's Marney Blunt reports.

The RM of La Broquerie remains under a state of emergency as parts of the municipality deal with significant flooding.

The municipality declared the state of emergency Thursday night, after more than 250 mms of rain fell in the area in September.

Parts of the Seine River are overflowing, and the worst flooding is continues to be in the community of Zhoda, Man., where several homes are being threatened.

Zhoda resident Steven Beally and a group of volunteers put up 500 sandbags around his home on Friday, in anticipation for the weekend rainfall.

“We didn’t get as much as I initially thought we were, so the water level hasn’t come up that much, which is nice,” Beally said.

Beally’s front yard, driveway, and front road are completely submerged under water.

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“Even though it hasn’t come up that much, we’re still pretty trapped here.”

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Beally is also concerned with the rain and potential snow forecast for later this week.

“I’m really worried about everything freezing, if this all turns to ice it’s going to create a lot of problems,” he added.

“Especially for areas that are already under water, like my shed. If it turns to ice it’s going to destroy the bottom of my shed.”

The waters have crept up right to some people’s houses in the RM.
The waters have crept up right to some people’s houses in the RM. Randall Paull/Global News

Other homes in the community, roughly 81 km southeast of Winnipeg, have put up tiger dams to keep the water at bay.

Others still already have water right up to their doorstep.

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“I’m scared,” resident Jacob Giesbrecht said, who has had water up to his home and outbuildings for about a week now.

“It feels like I need help.”

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The RM has been working on shoring-up and fixing the washed out roads in the area, as about 25 to 30 roads were closed due to the flooding.

Some residents say they are still waiting to hear more from the municipality.

“I still don’t know what they’re planning to do for the roads, I still don’t know if they have a game plan at all to help get the water out of the roads and out of people’s properties. I still haven’t heard anything from them,” Beally said.

“So we’re still hoping that something will happen because we can’t keep going on like this.”

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