2019 Canada election results: Fleetwood-Port Kells

Liberal Ken Hardie has been re-elected in the riding of Fleetwood-Port Kells.

Hardie withstood a concerted push by the Conservatives’ Shinder Purewal, who sought to retake a riding that has traditionally voted for right-leaning parties.

The NDP’s Annie Ohana finished third.

The Liberal Party of Canada has historically not done well south of the Fraser Valley. But 2015 was an anomaly for the party, with the Grits picking up seven seats in the area, including Fleetwood-Port Kells.

The challenge for the party was holding on to those seats after the historic swing saw the party jump from two seats in B.C. to 17.

The party partially managed that task on Monday, with key holds such as Hardie’s, along with wins in Surrey Centre, Surrey Newton and Delta.

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Hardie was a political newcomer four years ago, with a background as a broadcaster and spokesperson for ICBC and TransLink.


Liberal: Ken Hardie
Conservative: Shinder Purewal
NDP: Annie Ohana
Green: Tanya Baertl
People’s Party of Canada: Michel Poulin


The riding comprises of an area of Surrey from the Fraser River in the north to the Serpentine River and 68 Avenue in the south, and from 144 Street in the west to the city’s eastern border. It also covers Barnston Island, including Barnston Island Indian Reserve No. 3.


European: 35,135, 30.3 per cent
South Asian: 34,870, 30.1 per cent
Chinese: 15,075, 13 per cent
Filipino: 10,540, 9.1 per cent

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