2019 Canada election results: Argenteuil–La Petite-Nation

Liberal incumbent Stéphane Lauzon won the riding of Argenteuil–La Petite-Nation in a close race on election night. 

Global News declared Lauzon winner in this riding after all polls had finished reporting. He received 37.8 per cent of votes, while the Bloc Québécois’ Yves Destroismaisons came in a close second with 36.4 per cent of votes. Lauzon led by 672 votes.

The Conservative candidate Marie Louis-Seize garnered 12.1 per cent.

Argenteuil–La Petite-Nation is fairly new federal electoral district in Quebec, located on the Ontario border with Ottawa River on its south, it was formerly known as Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel. 

Lauzon was the first person to represent the new district after winning in 2015.  

Boundaries: This riding was formerly known as Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel. It now includes Notre-Dame-de la Salette, L’Ange Gardien, and the Masson-Angers and Buckingham sectors of the city of Gatineau.

Last election: In 2015, Lauzon won the seat for the Liberals with over 43 per cent of the total votes.

History: The older version of this riding, now known as Argenteuil—Papineau—Mirabel was a Bloc Québécois stronghold, where the Bloc held office for six consecutive terms before losing the seat to NDP in 2011. 

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NDP: Charlotte Boucher Smoley

Liberals: Stéphane Lauzon (Incumbent)

Conservatives: Marie Louis-Seize

Green: Marjorie Valiquette

Bloc Québécois: Yves Destroismaisons

PPC: Sherwin Edwards

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