‘I feel like I’m in a dream,’ says ‘Big Brother’ evicted house guest

(L-R): Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy.
(L-R): Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy. Global TV

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother.

After Jackson Michie won Head of Household this week in the Big Brother house, he decided to nominate Christie Murphy and Analyse (Sis) Talarvera for eviction.

Michie won the Power of Veto and decided not to use it on Murphy or Talarvera.

By a vote of 5-1, Talavera was evicted from the Big Brother house and sent to the jury house to join last week’s evicted house guest, Kathryn (Kat) Dunn.

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Global News spoke with Talavera directly about her eviction from the house.

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Global News: How does it feel to be out of the Big Brother house?
Analyse Talavera: It still doesn’t feel real for me. I have been in there for so long that actually being somewhere else makes it feel like I’m in a dream.

What happened? Why did you get evicted?
I got evicted because of a blowup that happened between Nick and Christie. This put a huge target on Nick and I and my relationship with him did not help me at all. He went around preaching how he would always keep me safe and he made promise to keep me safe which really ended up screwing me over because people wanted him gone. I knew I wouldn’t take shots at him if I was still there.

Who’s running the house right now, and how are they doing it?
I think Michie is now running the house. He was just in power and put two people up, especially one who was never going after him, a.k.a. me! And he encouraged the blow up to happen to take the target off Holly and himself because he knew people would still come after him the following week. He has completely spun the whole house to go after Nick and not him and Holly anymore.

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Who’s the hardest person to live with and why?
The hardest person to live with was probably Kemi. She never liked doing dishes or really never liked to help clean.

Any regrets about your gameplay?
I wish I would have gamed a little more in the beginning rather than laying low. I also wish I would have stopped Nick from telling people how he made promises to me. He might have made a promise to keep me safe but I never made any promises to him.

Personal feelings aside, who do you think is going to take it all?
I think Tommy has a great chance to go far in the game. He’s playing a great social game and is also a really hard competitor.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]
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