2019 Canada election results: Saint Boniface–Saint Vital

Voters in the riding of Saint Boniface–Saint Vital has re-elected Liberal MP Dan Vandal.

The riding has been a consistently safe seat for the Liberals for most its existence and had never reelected a representative from another party before Conservative Shelly Glover, a former Winnipeg police officer, won the seat in 2008 and again in 2011. Saint Boniface–Saint Vital’s current MP, former Winnipeg city councillor Vandal, won the seat back for the Grits in 2015.


Liberals: Dan Vandal (Incumbent)

Conservative: Réjeanne Caron

NDP: Billie Cross

Green: Ben Linnick

PPC: Adam McAllister

Independent: Sharma Baljeet


The border of the riding starts where the Red River meets the CPR tracks, following the tracks to Mission Street, then heads southeast to Lagimodiere Boulevard. From there, it turns north along the street to the CNR line and follows the tracks again to Bournais Drive. It then turns south and heads to Beghin Avenue to de Baets Street and continues southeast to Camiel Sys Street. The border then heads east to Plessis Road, turns south and goes out to the City of Winnipeg limits and turns southwest to the Seine River. It follows a straight line to a point on Four Mile Road and continues to St. Anne’s Road, then heads northwest to Bishop Grandin Boulevard and follows the street back to the Red River.

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The district was first created in 1924 and saw its first election the following year. The riding lost territory to Winnipeg South and Elmwood-Transcona and picked up ground from Winnipeg South during the 2012 electoral distribution. With a significant French population, the riding is rarity in Western Canada as the only to regularly elect francophone MPs.

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