2 American hunters face Saskatchewan poaching charges

Men convicted of poaching in Missouri facing similar charges in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Environment Ministry / Supplied

Two American hunters convicted of poaching charges in Missouri, face similar charges in Saskatchewan if they ever return to the province.

Saskatchewan Environment Ministry officials said David Berry Jr. and Cody Scott came to the province in 2016 under the pretext of duck hunting.

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Instead, officials said they illegally shot a number of white-tailed deer, an antelope, a coyote, and a badger and took their illegal cargo back to the United States.

“We have our rules and regulations, our limits all in place to maintain our healthy population in Saskatchewan,” said Kevin Harrison, ministry of environment conservation officer.

“We are well known for our hunting and fishing opportunities and for people to come up here and steal the opportunities who poach [and] hunt over the limit are stealing from people who abide by the laws. ”
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Berry Jr. is facing eight charges under the Wildlife Act, with potential for over $15,000 in fines and a hunting suspension.

Scott faces 14 charges and up to $26,000 in fines and a hunting suspension.

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Berry Jr. was convicted in December 2018 in Missouri as part of a poaching ring that included his father and two brothers.

He was sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to watch the movie Bambi at least once a month as part of his sentence.

The U.S. case involved trophy bucks illegally taken for the heads, and leaving their bodies to waste.

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Two Saskatchewan men were charged with aiding and abetting the two Missouri men, as well as wasting game.

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“We want these populations to remain strong and we want people to come to Saskatchewan,” Harrison said.

“It puts money into our economy and helps out the province.”

Officials said they acted as drivers, assisted in storing and processing the wildlife, and purchased a tag so the antlers could be taken across the border.

The Saskatchewan men were fined $6,250 and given a one-year hunting suspension. Officials said they will not be named as they voluntarily paid their fines and are not required to be in court.

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