Taking in the sights and sounds: Winnipeggers get to know Las Vegas

It was a tough loss for the Winnipeg Jets in game three against the Vegas Golden Knights.

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While the team looks ahead to game four, the Winnipeggers who are in town for the games are looking to take in the sights and sounds of Sin City.

Besides the city’s new NHL team, what else do you know about Las Vegas?


The most famous piece of Las Vegas is the Strip. However, it’s not actually in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Strip is a 6.8 km stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada, meaning it is actually located immediately south of the Las Vegas city limits in the unincorporated town of Paradise.

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Sin City is also the City of Lights. There is more than 15 miles of neon tubes and more tan 9.9 million lightbulbs on the Strip alone.

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It is a lot to take in during a trip, and all that walking can make you hungry.


Vegas is known for food. Whether it’s the gourmet and extravagant, or the sheer volume and abundance of choices that can be found at buffets.

Shrimp can be found on many menus in Vegas and is quite popular. More than 60,000 pounds of shrimp is consumed in the city in a day. That’s more than what’s eaten in the entire rest of the country on a typical day.


Vegas is known for quick weddings and hosts the second largest number per day in the world.

Just one of the many wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Brittany Greenslade/Global News

Around 120,000 marriage ceremonies are performed each year in Las Vegas, according to Nevada marriage records.
There’s an average of 10,000 marriage ceremonies each month. That’s more than 300 weddings a day.

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Accommodations and Attractions

With all those weddings, it is a good thing there are plenty of honeymoon suites to choose from in Sin City.

There are nearly 150,000 hotel rooms in Vegas, according to 2015 figures — it would take you close to 300 years if you wanted to spend a night in every single one on the Strip.

The water show outside the Bellagio hotel. Brittany Greenslade/Global News

One of the top hotels to stay at is the famous Bellagio.

The hotel is known for it’s fountain out front that lights up in tune to music. But don’t be tempted to swim in it.

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Water structures like the fountains and man-made lakes in Las Vegas use grey-water, which is actually recycled water from sinks, bathtubs and showers throughout the city.

It’s a clever way to keep water consumption down and recycle at the same time, in addition perhaps, to discouraging people from taking a dip?

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