‘We’re still learning about Drew Carey’: 7-year-old ‘Price is Right’ superfan asks viewers to be patient

‘We’re still learning about Drew Carey’: 7-year-old ‘Price is Right’ superfan asks viewers to be patient
WATCH ABOVE: A seven-year-old 'The Price Is Right' viewer from Bangor, Maine, who built custom replica of pricing games from the show, claims to be the program's biggest fan.

It’s been a decade since Bob Barker retired as host of the uber popular The Price is Right game show, but a seven-year-old superfan still believes his replacement deserves more time before viewers call for a different host.

“Most people like Bob Barker more since he’s been on longer, but we are still learning about Drew Carey,” Jackson Woodworth of Bangor, Maine told WABI-TV. “Since I haven’t been born with Bob Barker, I pretty much like Drew Carey better. He’s hilarious. He’s a comedian and he’s just wonderful.”

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But don’t call this young fan naive, as he may very well be the show’s biggest fan.

Woodworth has twice attended The Price is Right Live, the cult classic’s touring road show, and believes he has what it takes to win.

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“If I work hard enough and get to California, I think I probably could,” he says.

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Woodworth’s confidence likely stems from all the practice he has had playing homemade versions of the the show’s most iconic games.

He has built replicas of several pricing games, including Plinko, Cliffhangers, Punch-A-Bunch and even the Big Wheel.

“Jackson Woodworth come on down, you’re the next contestant on The Price is Right,” he says in his best George Gray-Rod Roddy voice.

Asked how he would react if he heard his name called, Woodsworth says he would likely behave the same way every other contestant does — becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

“I would probably scream my mouth out that I couldn’t scream again.”