Hamilton Bike Share looks to break down barriers with new equity program

SoBi Hamilton launched in 2015 and now has a total of 131 hubs across the city. Hamilton Bike Share

Hamilton Bike Share has launched a new program that aims to break down barriers to access.

The Everyone Rides initiative is the first equity program of its kind in Canada according to manager, Thea Jones.

It will offer how to ride workshops, First Nations group rides, a translator service and subsidized passes to those who can’t afford the standard cost.

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“People can receive a pass for three dollars for three months if they identify that they are in financial need” Jones said.

“A really big motivator for us is ensuring that people that need to get to service organizations, housing opportunities, job interviews…that there is a mode of transportation that is very affordable.”

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The initiative will also add 75 new 8-speed bikes to the SoBi fleet as well as 12 new hubs in the city’s east end.

SoBi Hamilton launched in 2015 and now has a total of 131 hubs across the city.

New hub locations:

o   Barton St E at Lottridge St
o   Barton St E at Ottawa St N
o   Barton St E at Westinghouse Ave
o   Belview Ave at Barton St E
o   Cannon St E at Belview Ave
o   Dunsmure Rd at Sherman Ave S
o   Gage Ave N at Cannon St E
o   King St E at Dunsmure Rd
o   Maple Ave at Rothsay Ave
o   Mars Ave at Wentworth St N
o   Ottawa St N at Dunsmure Rd
o   Sherman Ave N at Barton St E

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