Geeks rejoice as Comic Con descends on Montreal

Click to play video: 'ComicCon arrives in Montreal' ComicCon arrives in Montreal
Global's Dan Spector heads to Montreal’s 2017 ComicCon to explore the world of sci-fi, horror, anime, video games and comic books – Jul 7, 2017

The 9th annual Montreal Comic Con has begun at Palais des Congrès.

Last year the geek-culture celebration welcomed 56,000 people. Organizers expect this year to be even bigger.

A football-field-sized room is filled with comic books, toys, art, and just about any other piece of super-hero or sci-fi related memorabilia one could conjure.

“It’s just to enjoy some good ambiance at Comic Con, enjoy some costumes, comic books, and just have fun with my buddy,” said Dexter Haynes, who was dressed from head to toe as Wolverine of the X-Men.

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Costumes are also a huge part of the experience, with many of the revelers dressed as their favourite superheroes.

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“It’s another world. It’s being someone else. Like right now, this is not me,” said Audrey Cloutier, wearing a super hero outfit.

Celebrities like Patrick Stewart of Star Trek and David Tennant of Doctor Who will be on hand to sign autographs and meet fans, for a price.

Jonathan Rhys Davies, best known as Gimli the Dwarf from Lord of the Rings, will also be in attendance. He has been to numerous similar events, and finds it hard to understand why some fans weep when they meet him.

“Celebrity is such a strange perversion, isn’t it?” he wondered to Global News. “The way we respond to celebrities is so varied. Some of them touch our hearts.”

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Charles Martinet, the voice of Nintendo’s Super Mario will also be among those meeting fans.

“I get the most marvelous comments. People say ‘you were the voice of my childhood,'” he told Global News.

Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, Batman: The Animated Series star Kevin Conroy and many others will also be on hand.

Comic Con runs until Sunday, July 9 at 5 p.m.

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