WATCH: The best videos of 2014

TORONTO – 2014 was filled with incredible moments captured on video.  We’ve compiled the best and most unforgettable videos from the past year, but there’s too many to show all at once.

So here’s part one of the best videos of 2014.

The hero cat

A dog may be man’s best friend, but it was a family cat that came to the rescue of a California four-year-old boy being attacked by a dog (See above video).

Bakersfield resident Roger Triantafilo posted security footage of the attack on his son Jeremy on YouTube, which quickly gained millions of views.

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!” Triantafilo wrote in the YouTube post.

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Shirtless wonders

A pair of shirtless men caught our attention for very different reasons.

Let’s start with the man in California, who refused to let a raging wildfire stop him from asking out a reporter live on TV.

Then there was the shirtless jogger who confronted Rob Ford and Doug Ford during a Canada Day parade in Toronto.

Joe Killoran, a Toronto high school teacher who said he was going for a jog when he noticed the mayor. “He won’t answer any questions, he won’t answer journalists’ questions, he won’t answer reporters and he won’t even have reporters at his press conference.”

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Apparently, this kid won the internet in 2014

Cute kid videos always seem to capture the imagination of millions each year online.  But, 5-year-old Noah Ritter climbed to the top of the heap in 2014 with his scene-stealing live appearance on a local TV newscast.

Ritter’s appearance made him a viral sensation and lead to repeat guest visits to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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A loyal friend says goodbye to a fallen hero

The RCMP police dog who captured the hearts’ of Canadians provided one of the more touching moments of the year.

Danny, a German Shepherd, worked with Const. Dave Ross, was whimpering as he sat beside the coffin of Const. Ross during the regimental funeral for the three fallen RCMP officers who died tragically in June.

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Mr. Uh-oh Canada

Mark Donnelly – a.k.a “Mr. O Canada” – may always hit the high notes, but his performance ahead of the home opener for the Penticton Vees in October took a tumble.

Instead of the regular footwear Mark Donnelly chose ice skates for his rendition of “O Canada,”  well you can see what happened next.

To Donnelly’s credit, he still finished the anthem like any good Canadian would.

Heisenberg returns to help a kid with a prom date

Following a performance of Bryan Cranston’s Broadway show All The Way in April, high school student Stefan Montana stopped the actor outside the theatre to ask a favour.

Montana was hoping Cranston would help him get a prom date by recording a video message as Walter White, Cranston’s celebrated character from Breaking Bad.

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Cranston was happy to oblige in a video that went viral and landed the kid his prom date.

Motorcyclist plunges off cliff and survives

 A motorcyclist recorded his own death defying crash as he plunged off a 40-foot cliff after losing control on a notorious stretch of road in Britain.

21-year-old Jack Sanderson was riding in Derbyshire along the Cat and Fiddle road considered the most dangerous road in Britain, when he loses control coming out of a corner, narrowly avoids an oncoming car, only to drive off a cliff.

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Wet and Wild

A wedding party in Crosslake, Minnesota made quite a splash before the ceremony and the unexpected moment was all caught on camera by videographer Megan Fritze.

How about the 26-year-old Australian man who wins the idiot award for jumping into shark-infested waters and climbing onto the back of a dead whale.

Harrison Williams was videotaped jumping from his friend’s boat and swimming to the dead whale because one of his friends suggested that it would be “pretty funny” to surf the whale.

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Criminal Takedown

A Sacramento police officer laid a tackle on a suspect fleeing on a bike that would make NFL linebackers proud.


This past February, 19-year-old Michael Kennedy reportedly fled from an officer at an area train station after it was discovered he had multiple outstanding warrants.

CBS13 cameraman James Taylor was on the scene covering the story as Kennedy ran out of someone’s yard, hopped on a bicycle and headed straight towards him.

Then, just as the two were about to collide, the police officer seemingly appeared out of nowhere and tackled Kennedy off the bicycle to the ground.

Plane Trouble

Spectators at the 2014 Waddington Air Show in Lincolnshire, England got more of a show than they expected last July.

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As a Turkish F-16 came in for a landing, onlookers standing in a field outside of the grounds excitedly watched with their cameras out.

Their excitement soon turned to fear as the jet came in low.

A dramatic collision between two airliners in Barcelona was narrowly avoided in July.

A UT airplane was making its final approach and was about to touch down, when an Aerolineas Argentineas Airbus A340 taxis across its path.


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