Top 5 good news stories in B.C. for 2014

Quinn and Brayden are now paying it forward.
Quinn and Brayden are now paying it forward. Linda Aylesworth / Global News

VANCOUVER – 2014 has been a busy year and we wanted to highlight some of the good news stories that made headlines.

We have compiled our top 5 list, but if there was one you liked, or one you think we have missed, please let us know in the comments!

1. Woman miraculously survives being trapped in tree well near Whistler

Doctors say it’s a miracle a 24-year-old Calgary woman is alive after she spent seven hours trapped in a tree well near Whistler.

Christine Newman was not discovered by her friends until 9 a.m. and it took four of them to get her out of the tree well.

Christine’s friends immediately began CPR on her for three continuous hours until Search and Rescue arrived. SAR members performed CPR on her for another hour, meaning CPR was performed for four continuous hours.

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It’s something doctors say saved her life.

2. Thousands of dollars in donations pour in for baby Iver after his mom was declared brain dead before his birth

Robyn Benson was 22 weeks pregnant when she tragically suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Despite repeated attempts to revive her, doctors discovered blood had leaked in to Robyn’s brain and she would never wake up.

Doctors declared her brain dead, and kept her alive for five weeks until the couple’s unborn baby could be delivered via C-section.

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Baby Iver was born premature but he survived, and in August he joined the grads of the Victoria Hospital neonatal ICU.

“He’s great,” said dad Dylan. “He sleeps, obviously a lot, he eats like a champion so he’s growing like he should.”

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3. U.S. treatment for teen with leukemia is possible thanks to donations

Fundraising is giving 18-year-old Kyle McConkey a fighting chance.

With the help of donations from British Columbians and people worldwide McConkey, who is battling a rare form of leukemia and given just weeks to live, raised more than $200,000 for an experimental treatment in Seattle.

The treatment, which costs $225,000 is McConkey’s only option.

He is set to travel down to Seattle soon.

4. Maple Ridge boy raises more than $58,000 for his kindergarten buddy’s surgery

Seven-year-old Brayden Grozdanich used to go through painful stretching exercises every day of his life.

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Brayden has cerebral palsy and the more he grows, the more his muscles tighten up and refuse to cooperate.

So his friend, Quinn Callander decided to do his share to help his friend feel better.

Thanks to the online donations and the success of the lemonade stand, Brayden underwent the surgery in August, which was a success.

5. Photos of man giving his shoes to barefoot bus passenger goes viral

Bus driver Surjit Singh Virk was on his way home from Surrey’s Vaisakhi parade on April when he saw something that touched his heart.

Sitting near the front of the No. 341 bus to Guildford, he noticed a barefoot man sitting near him.

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A few stops later Virk said another man got on the bus and sat beside the two of them.

“He started to take his shoes off and I didn’t really want to look but I wondered what he was doing,” said Virk.

He said the man took off his shoes and socks and slid them across the floor to the barefoot man. “He said ‘You can take these, don’t worry about me, I live close by’.”

Photos of the encounter were shared around the world.

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