Toronto election 2014 – Ward candidates and election results

Hold on to your hat Ward 20 - after both provincial and federal elections in June, residents in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina still have 22 municipal candidates vying for their vote. Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

TORONTO – After months (and months) of campaigning, the wait is over in the 2014 Toronto election.

Live Toronto election results 2014: Real-time mayoral, council results

On Oct. 27, voters in the city’s 44 wards went to the polls to choose their city councillors and mayor. Beyond the mayoral race, which has taken more than a few twists, turns and switcheroos, there are a number of interesting councillor races to watch. Find out who is running in your ward.

Global News has real-time election results for each ward and the mayoral race.

Toronto wards

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